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A Few Words from the Cats

In celebration of 10 years of exemplary service from Cat Watchers™,
the cats have a few things to say.

(Humans: if you have not sent your cats' comments and/or photos, more are always welcome.)
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We are waiting for Grace to call and ask us what treats she can bring over tonight. She always takes excellent care of us while our humans travel. 
                                    ~Lexi and Joely

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!

When my human travels, she always calls Grace BEFORE she makes her plane reservations. My comfort is much more important than any plans she could possibly make for her trip. Grace and Mitzi know just how to meet my every need. I have trained them to groom my lovely fur and to feed me just exactly the right tasty delicacy. My human is always grateful for having found Cat Watchers™, (as am I) otherwise she would not be able to leave town. Speaking for myself, I am certainly grateful she leaves so Grace and Mitzi can come visit me. Keep up the good work!!
                 ~ Nurse Fuzzy


Hi, my name is Waldo and I'm what some call "a sugar kitty". That means I am an insulin-dependent diabetic. Because of this, I need twice daily visits by a loving person who can give me my shots. Not every animal caregiver can do this, but Grace and her crew can. My person never has to worry that I am not getting my insulin and my special food when she is away. Grace and crew also give great scratches behind my ears. 


I hate when my parents go away, but it's not so bad if Grace & her gang come over to take care of me & my siblings. I love company--I'm always waiting at the door for Grace to come, knowing that she will sit and give me tons of lovin'!


Grace and Missy are rock star cat sitters! They always do whatever they can to make me feel comfortable--whether that means brushing my coat or talking to me while I stay safely under the bed. I give them two paws up and a big, "Meow!" 


I love you Grace & Mitzi! Thank you for taking such good care of me.


As you can see, we’re a couple of relaxed guys. But not when our human deserts us. We can get a little bent out of shape. And we can get a little demanding at those times, too. You know, scratch my chin, under here…yeah, that’s just right. Where’s my treat? Are you going to play with me? I could play forever.

I get really mad when Grace stays away for too long. Then I pout and try to ignore her, but I can never keep it up for too long. I used to see her a lot more when she came to take care of the little cat in the bedroom. She came every day to give her medicine. It wasn’t just regular medicine, it was medicine of the heart, too. She sang her a special song. Grace helped the little cat live a long, long time, and that made my human very happy.

But back to me, I am a cat after all. Grace can talk cat, and knows what I need. So can her daughter Gretchen. Mitzi makes me laugh, and I seem to make her laugh too, imagine that. Could it have anything to do with the fact that I’m rubbing her legs and eating her shoes?

My brother is a quiet one and doesn’t take to people so easily, but he totally trusts the Cat Watchers. We also hear that the biggest scaredy cat of them all, Emmy Lou, would come out to see them. They are good human beings, as humans go. I’m glad I know them.

                ~Jazzie (on left) (and brother Taylor)

                Piggie, Sapp and Raja say they don't like being "watched" but if they have to be -   you guys are the best.

                            ~Piggie Sapp and Raja's Human  


We have each other, but when our person is gone, we are delighted to see Grace and her pals, who not only feed us but PLAY with us and brush us and love us."

~ Neko and Cole

I am sending this on my behalf and also that of my deceased sisters, Molly and Abby (I never knew Abby but because she went to heaven, my mom got me). You and your staff always take wonderful care of us and even spoil us. We like to get a break from mom and dad and look forward to the times you come to see us. You always know what to do to make us happy. I am so glad that mom found you.
Love and Purrs,

~(Spoiled) Max


I am so happy that my family has Grace and her team of kitty-sitters take care of me at home while they are away. They feed me and give me my pill and make sure that I am safe and happy in my home. I've been around for a while and have had many different kinds of sitters over the years: some friends of the family (who had to drive a long ways to see me - a big imposition), some people who were really "dog people" and didn't really warm up to me, and some people who did a terrible job of giving me my medications.

I also remember something of a type of jail cell they call a "kennel" where I got so anxious that I gave myself a UTI from the stress! Thank goodness those days are behind me now!

My family would recommend Cat Watchers to other families with cats because they know that I am well cared-for, safe, and stress-free when they're away.
                                             ~Maddy (I'm the one on the left)

My name is Mitzi (the cat, not the human) and I am 11 years old. My sisters and I used to hate it when our human Mom and Dad went away, because we always got stuck with some odd person coming in to take care of us, or worst of all we had to pack up and go to Grandpa’s house! Me and my sisters always hid from everybody because they didn’t really like cats and didn’t talk to us or take care of us very well. We even had one man who only came every other day!

Then one morning several years ago we had a new person show up at our house – and her name was Mitzi! We didn’t like her at first because we were so used to the other people that came, so we hid like always. Mitzi was persistent and kept coming in and finding our hiding spots and she just insisted on talking to all of us and trying to make friends with us. Since cats aren’t desperate and lonely like dogs, we all continued to play it cool and hide from Mitzi.

Last year though, we had a rough year – new carpet, and a chimney sweep, and a new roof – the noises were unbearable. So when our human Mom and Dad went on vacation the quiet was lovely, but it was also very lonely – so much time hiding while the house was being renovated, we missed all our people together time. Mitzi (the human) started coming in every day and talking to us and taking such good care of us, I couldn’t resist any longer – I came out and visited with her. She pet me and talked to me and gave me my own special food.

She came everyday and we became very good friends – such good friends that when my Mom and Dad came home from their vacation, I waited for Mitzi to come in every morning and visit with me, but I was stuck with just Mom and Dad. I can’t wait for the next vacation so I can have my own private Mitzi human – I wonder if she’s knows she’s named after me?



We love the care we receive from Cat Watchers. It's fun to hide from Grace but even better when she finds us in the bathtub or behind the bed and scratches our ears. Our mom is happy when she gets home and finds notes about our activities while she has been gone.

~Belle (on the left) and Kiki (on the right)


Though we always miss our "humans" when they are away, we are always happy to have visits from Grace and other cat watchers.We know they will always make time to play with our favorite toys with us and let us snuggle in their laps a bit. Our friends from Cat Watchers are the best..if we can't have our Moms that is!

~Molly and Jack


Indy hissed, but said he can always count on his "can openers" being on time and a rousing game of "Da Bird" when he deigns to join in.

Cuddles declined to comment, saying only that you "seem nice" from a distance and keep things safe and comfy for her.


Annie said she could not be more delighted with Cat Watchers and that no one throws a glitter ball or offers better laps and petting when your people are away. She highly recommends your service for all discerning felines.

~Indie, Cuddles and Annie's Human


When our human is away, we are always happy to see our Cat Watcher. They
do food, water, scoop and play. But what we like best is that they know how
to work the faucet. All we have to do is go there and they help us get our special drink.

~Gita (in the sink) and Pippi (not pictured)


I’m a typical Torti girl (yes, I know that is redundant). So, I don’t really like to get involved with the antics of the other cats when the Catwatcher-hoomans come to visit. However, it does make me feel better that there is a hooman coming to feed me and scoop out my litter box. AND I’m super-glad I don’t have to go to some strange boarding facility because that would not sit well with me—not one bit! I don’t tell those hoomans from CW all of this, though…I don’t think I have to. I’ve known them for almost 10 years and they seem to know lots about cats, so I figure they just know I appreciate them, no words necessary. Just as long as they don’t get too close; I prefer to supervise their work from afar.                    
~Catapotamus (on the right )

I love visits from my Aunties Grace and Mitzi. I have known them ever since I was a teeny tiger kitten (almost 10 years ago!). They rock! First off, we get treats every single visit (Mom doesn’t do that!!). Second, they bring this wormy-thing that wriggles and jumps—and I get to chase it around! Finally, they tell me I am the bestest cat ever…and I am the bestest cat ever…not that Noodle cat! So there—Noodle cat! Thanks for taking such good care of me!
                                                                       ~Fechner (on the left)                      

Hi, I’m Noodle Cat! I’m the new cat on the block…and I really like these Catwatcher people! They know what’s important: food, treats, play, and scooping poop (in that order). Plus they think I’m the most wonderfulest cat in the house—and I am, no matter *what* Fechner says. Ha!





Thank you for coming to see us so often. Our human Mom has to travel alot in order to keep us in the style we've grown accustomed - warm house, good food especially the high protein dry food, treats, toys, clean litter etc.... We love seeing Grace and Mitzie especially since they love us just as much as our Mom. They give us hugs and kisses and play with us, too!!! They even clean up after us when we have water fights. We are so glad that Mom found Cat Watchers, to help us not be lonely when she is gone.

~Peyton and Fritzie


I am Chloe and I approve this message because good things come from my friends at CatWatchers. Pirate and I treasure our autonomy and we feel valued in our own abode when CatWatchers sit us. The reflection of CatWatchers' loving and cat-focused care shines within us brightly. Long after CatWatchers rides off to serve fellow clients, we feel that precious sense of professional concern. We look forward to the return of CatWatchers to meet our needs in a special way!


Please note: 
All photos belong to Cat WatchersTM.  Unless you were the photographer, you do NOT have permission to remove or republish any photo from this website.