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Is your cat stressed out from going to the kennel?
            Are you tired of imposing on family and friends by asking them to care for your cats?
            Are you stressed out from worrying about your cat while you are away?
         Ever worry about what happens to your cat if you don't get home as planned?


          If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, hiring a professional cat sitter is your solution.  The reality is there is no totally stress-free way for you and your cat to be apart.  But leaving your cat at home in their own familiar and comfortable surroundings is the least stressful way for your cat to spend time in your absence and the best way to provide peace of mind to you while you are away.  

        Cat Watchers™ will make visits to your home to provide the utmost in personal care for your cat.  As Cat Care Specialists, we pet sit exclusively for cats and are experienced in caring for many types of special needs, including oral medications and administering subcutaneous fluids.  (We will consider caring for other types of small animals except dogs. We like dogs but their care is not our expertise.)      

        In addition to providing care for your cat in your absence, Cat Watchers™will always follow-up to make sure that you have arrived home safely.   Our service can offer you freedom and peace of mind you've never had before. 

        Cat Watchers™ is owner-operated, insured and bonded.  The business is a
charter member of the Professional Pet Sitters of MinnesotaCat Watchers™ has been pet sitting in the Twin Cities since 1997.


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      So You Can Roam While Your Cats Stay Home©  

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